OralTek Allergy Oral Immunotherapy

OralTek Allergy Oral Immunotherapy

Allergen Extract Therapy

Native (non-modified) allergenic extracts for allergen specific immunotherapy. Prepared in glycerol for oral (peri-lingual) administration in spray. Maintenance dose reached on the first day in pineapple flavor.


  1. Glycerinated native extract for sublingual administration.
  2. Specific allergen immunotherapy for patients with allergic rhinitis, sinusitis or asthma.
  3. High allergen concentration (30,000 UT/ml)
  4. Two vials, volume 9 mL, each puff delivers 0.1 ml

* Only prescribed by the treating physician


Allergen vaccine,Sublingual oral solution



Allergen type

Grass, weed pollen, tree pollen, house dust mites, molds, animal epithelia - some can be mixed

Selling Area

Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, Oman


Box ( 3 months treatment)