ALXOID Allergy Immunotherapy Injection

ALXOID Allergy Immunotherapy Injection

Allergen Extract Therapy

Allergenic extracts modified with glutaraldehyde (polymerized),  adsorbed onto aluminum hydroxide gel for specific immunotherapy. Polymerization reduces the IgE binding of allergens to IgE while maintaining their immunogenicity, allowing a safer and quicker up-dosing. for subcutaneous injections under the supervision of the allergy specialist. 


  1. Containing inhalant allergens as proven by IgE testing.
  2. Maintenance dose in three weeks
  3. Volume 3 ml


Allergan vaccine,S/C Injection solution



Allergen type

Grass, weed pollen, tree pollen, house dust mites, molds, animal epithelia - some can be mixed

Selling Area

Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, Oman


Box (2 vials)