Device Directions

Nasal irrigation is not new! In the past many have used syringes to irrigate the nose. This practice originated in India, where they have been practicing it for centuries as part of their purification rituals (Jala Neti) utilizing a pot similar to a teapot called Neti pot. Even with the practice of “wodo” that Muslims do prior to the daily prayers. However these methods are not deep enough, scientific, or standardized. Their effects are variable.

SinuSalt provide a deeper wash that is scientific and effective every time!

Nasal Irrigation Directions
  1. Pour the content of one packet of SinuSal inside the bottle.
  2. Add some water (125 mL), clean & lukewarm (35-39ºC), and shake it to dissolve the salt mixture. Then fill up the rest of the bottle (250 mL) with clean & lukewarm (35-39ºC) water.
  3. Place the tube inside the bottle and screw the cap on it making sure a hermetic seal.
  4. Bend over into the sink with the head down and forward. Insert the blue nasal tip into one nostril with enough pressure to seal it. The mouth must stay open to breath.
  5. Squeeze the centre of bottle gently placing the thumb on the plastic ring. The irrigation fluid will be pumped towards the nasal passage, flushing the nose and sinus cavities, and flowing out the opposite nostril washing away mucus and secretions. Irrigate during 10-15 seconds holding the pressure on the bottle while the blue tip remains into nostril.
  6. Change hands and irrigate through the other nostril.
  7. Repeat the previous steps until the solution is over.
  8. Once finished, remove the cap and rinse the whole system in clean water. Let the bottle drain down and the nasal adapter hung on the hook as in the figure. Keep SainuSal Bottle dry.