FOX - Food Intolerance Cartilage

FOX - Food Intolerance Cartilage

Laboratory Allergy Diagnostics, MAX45K - Fully Automated Allergy System, IMAGE EXPLORER - Semi Automated Allergy System

Reactivity to IgG food antigens is measured using FOX cartridge. Based on proprietary nano-bead technology.

Indicated for:

    • Analysis and monitoring of dietary behavior.
    • Chronic inflammatory bowel disease (IBD).
    • Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).
    • Depression.
    • Migraine
    • Food intolerance (IgG mediated)

    Main features:

    • Only 100-200 microliters of serum or plasma required!
    • 286 food antigens.

    FOX assays can be run automatically (using MAX45k) or manually (using Image Explorer).

    * The connection between food intake elevated IgG levels and chronic disorders has been described in peer reviewed publications and case studies. Nonetheless this connection is still debated in scientific community and a consensus has not been reached so far.


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