ALEX 2 - Allergy Cartilage

ALEX 2 - Allergy Cartilage

Laboratory Allergy Diagnostics, MAX45K - Fully Automated Allergy System, IMAGE EXPLORER - Semi Automated Allergy System

ALEX 2  is a state-of-the-art multiplex ELISA test based on proven immunoassay chemistry and detection methods. A pioneer & leader of the new generation of in vitro IgE allergy tests that is based on proprietary nano technology. 

One ALEX 2 cartilage, for one patient, covers an allergen panel of more than 295 allergens (extracts & molecular) complemented by total IgE! The most comprehensive allergy diagnostic panel covering 99 % of all routine diagnostic needs. 


  1. Simultaneous measurement of total and specific IgE
  2. Minute quantities of serum (only 200-400 microliter!) required for the full panel, Making it perfect for children and the elderly.
  3. Near-complete allergen panel that includes foods, inhalants, insects & more!
  4. Integrated automatic CCD (Cross Reactive Carbohydrates) inhibition, helps differentiate real clinical allergy from simple sensitization.

* To be used with either the manual ImageExplorer or the fully automated MAX45K Devices.(Different item number applies)