SinuSalt® Irrigation with 26 sachets of Xylitol

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SinuSalt® Comprising a 250 cc flexible bottle with a nasal adapter top and silicone tube. The initial treatment includes 26 medical grade salt sachets with Xylitol. The most comfortable and effective device to relief nasal obstruction gently. For use in nasal and sinus irrigation. In treatment of allergic rhinitis, sinusitis, common cold and after nasal surgery for cosmetic or therapeutic indications. Helps clear nasal obstruction rapidly, effectively and naturally!

Main characteristics:

Flexible and sterile silicon bottle for high volume pressure you control.

Soft and comfortable nasal adapter providing complete seal.

The irrigation solution is easily prepared in the bottle itself.

Free of preservatives and medicinal content.

Recommended by international guidelines for Ears Nose Throat

Safe after nasal and sinus surgery

Safe in children and pregnancy

Portable, economic and durable.

Very simple and easy to use.







Selling Area

Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, Oman


Box ( 26 Xylitol Salt Sachet Included)