ImageExplorer - Manual Allergy System

Allergy IgE Diagnotics, Allergy Diagnostic Tools, Allergy Explorer ALEX

MADx’s IMAGE Xplorer is an easy-to-use and affordable device that is used for IgE sensitization of food and inhalant items. Supporting the diagnosis of food allergy, allergic asthma, rhino sinusitis and eczema .

Key features

  • Plug and play setup, easy to use
  • Compact footprint (15x18x18 cm)
  • Maintenance free
  • Uses ALEX2 cartridge Elisa detection of 117 allergens and 178 components (99% of all known allergens)

Required Equipment

  1. ALEX 2 Kit (Each cartlidge per patient requires 400 microL)
  2. Array Holder
  3. IMAGE Xplorer
  4. Lab rocker & incubation chamber 
  5. RAPTOR analysis software 
  6. WINDOWS PC/LAPTOP (only provided upon request)


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