Immuno-Stimulant Spray (BacTek/Uromune)


  • A bacterial suspension in glycerinated medium used to stimulate the immune system. Reducing frequency and length of infection and need for antibiotics. The principle of action is using different dead bacteria to stimulate the immune system effectively and safely.


  • Recurrent respiratory infections (sinusitis, pharyngitis, otitis media, and pneumonia)
  • Recurrent urinary/genital tract infections.


  • Two sterile vials at a single concentration of 1,000 million bacteria/ml. Each puff delivers 0.1 ml. Volume per vial 9 ml

Administration route

  • Oral (sublingual)

Bacterial Vaccines & Immune Stimulation

Bacteria vaccines are designed for increasing immunity against bacteria. The vaccine contains different types of dead bacteria. Otherwise described as Multivalent Bacterial Vaccines (MBV)



  1. Provide protection to multiple types of bacteria
  2. Contains parts of the bacteria that stimulates the immune system but not cause infection.
  3. The immune stimulation is not limited to the bacteria in the mix! but extends to generalized stimulation of the immune system. Providing stronger protection and immunity overall.
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