MAX45K Fully Automated IgE Allergy Explorer

Allergy IgE Diagnotics, Allergy Explorer ALEX

Only 400µl for serum required in the MAX45K FULLY AUTOMATED Device to acquire the MOST COMPLETE IgE Allergy test that science has produced to date! A complete panel that includes close to 300 allergens! (117 extracts and 178 molecular) in addition to total IgE measurement.


  1. Fully automated batch analyzer
  2. Up to 50 patient samples in one assay run
  3. assay runs per day – including overnight run - production of 45.000 results
  4. Total assay time: 4 hours
  5. Hands on time: 20 minutes
  6. Loading time: 5 minutes
  7. Visual result control time: up to 15 minutes

* Requires ALEX2 Cartridge